Flavours and Pairings for Autumn/Winter

Our autumn range comprises flavours and pairings that work perfectly to capture the spirit of the season. From warm notes of ginger to hints of spice paired with orange, we offer a range of flavours and pairings that would work perfectly in a variety of sweet and savoury product applications.

Savoury ideas applications in bread, rolls or scones:
- Onion Chutney
- Leek & Potato
- Mushroom &Thyme
- Moroccan Tagine

Flavour ideas for applications in muffins, pancakes, icings or cereal bars:
-Almond & Rhubarb
- Smokey Vanilla & Gingerbread
- Milk Chocolate & Pear
- English Tea & Orange Spice
- Pomegranate & Chocolate
- Peach & Maple
- Spiced apple & cinnamon

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