Natural Floral Flavours

The use of floral flavours have been popular in the drinks sector for many years now, but recently have been rediscovered for use in food, particularly in baking.

Floral flavourings can add a variety of flavour notes to baked goods, ranging from sweet to savoury. These can be used in breads, cookies, cakes, icings and desserts as it can give a delicate, floral aroma and taste.

The distinct yet subtle, perfumed flavour can be achieved using our range of floral flavourings and when used in combination with others, they can bring out a variety of notes from subtle to ‘stand out’. For example, pairing Lavender with Vanilla in a shortbread cookie creates a rich, buttery vanilla profile with a hint of floral.

Some of the floral flavours in our range are lavender, raspberry floral, geranium, ginger blossom, violet, rose, orange blossom, elderflower, jasmine and others. We are always adding to our range so please ask for any flavours that are not listed.

ITS offers a wide range of natural flavourings. Please visit website or contact us if you have a requirement for any other specific flavours.

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