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Natural flavoured dried fruit is an innovative way to add a healthy and natural ingredient to your products. Dried fruits are versatile and can be used as an ingredient or even enjoyed on its own as snacks .

Prosecco Cranberries, Yuzu Golden Raisins, Cola Raisins, Lime Sultanas are just a few interesting products in the wide range that we offer!

Natural flavoured dried fruits will add a flavour boost to your products!

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ITS is always on the look out for new and exciting flavours trending in the market. Following extensive research, our marketing team and flavour specialists have identified the top flavour trends for 2018-19. Our team of experts are on hand to advise customers on emerging flavours and taste trends to help develop winning product concepts.

The main flavour trends that will emerge during 2018/19 include coffee and tea flavours, smoke flavour and floral flavours.

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It's that time of year again when these deliciously spiced and sticky buns are served for Easter. 

It is never too early to start work on the next big flavours for Easter 2019. How about trying some trendy flavours in your creations as limited edition offerings? We have some great flavour ideas and pairings.

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ITS (International Taste Solutions) has obtained an AA Grade on BRC Accreditation.

“Obtaining the maximum grade on BRC is the result of the hard work and dedication of our passionate, exceptional team, which will continue to work to deliver the highest quality standards across all our business areas”, says Mike Bagshaw, ITS founder and Managing Director.
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This month's flavour of the month is Natural Rose Flavouring!

Products featuring floral flavours have increased by 132% between 2015 and 2017 (Innova Market Insights). Rose flavouring is gaining favour and has appeared in many recent trends for a variety of food applications.

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Masking Solutions

ITS News - 21-Feb-2018

Want to develop nutritious and healthy products which keep customers coming back for more?

Overcome the misconception that healthy food tastes unpleasant. ITS offers a range of solutions that have been tried and tested in a variety of product applications including for masking unpalatable tastes, creating the right texture and mouthfeel as well as for sugar reduction.


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Discover our delicious tasting chocolate flavours for protein powders and drinks.

Chocolate flavours have proven to be the most popular flavour for protein drinks and we have developed a range that can create the right balance for superb taste and outstanding performance.

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The sugar reduction campaign is gaining momentum in the UK and other countries in the EU.

Innovation is key to create products that meet regulatory guidelines and also to sustain consumer appeal and market share.

The SweetLITE™ range from ITS could be the solution! 

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This month's flavour of the month is Natural Green Tea!

Enhance the taste and aroma of your products with our Natural Green Tea Flavouring! Adding natural flavouring gives the benefit of accentuating the natural characteristics of tea.

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Are you addressing the taste issues with vegan protein which can detract from product appeal?

ITS has launched a range of solutions, MaskEX Sports™ and MouthTEX Sports™ to help mask bitterness or other off-notes to create the right mouthfeel, texture and consistency suitable for vegan based products. 


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