Savour the Flavour - January 2018

This month's flavour focus is on...

Natural Smoke Flavouring (smoke free)

Smoke flavours are proving to be increasing in popularity and have been identified as a key trend in 2018. Don’t be surprised to find smoke flavours imparted in such varied products as desserts, butter and beverages as well as savoury foods such as marinades and sauces. 

ITS has a range of smoke free Natural Smoke Flavouring that can enhance the flavour rather than overpower the taste and aroma, such as Smokey Vanilla, Smokey Apple, Smokey Caramel and Smokey Maple. Also included in this range are those with savoury notes for instance, Smokey Cheese and Smoked Bell Pepper along with seasonings such as Roasted Mexican and BBQ.

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