Natural Smoke Flavouring (smoke free!)

Smoke flavour is hot and on trend! Many new product launches have featured a variety of combinations featuring smokey notes particularly in snacks, baked goods, marinades, dairy products and even in desserts.

ITS has a range of Natural Smoke Flavouring (smoke free) that can enhance the flavour rather than overpower the taste and aroma, such as Smokey Apple, Smokey Vanilla, Smokey Caramel and Smokey Maple.

Also included in this range are those with savoury notes for instance, Smokey Cheese, Smokey Bell Pepper and Hickory Style Smoke. The complex smokey notes also pair well with the current trend for hot and spicy flavours.

For our range of Natural Flavourings, please click here. Email or call +44 1635 261920 for more information.