Market Sectors


We supply cost effective and high quality flavourings, both for sweet and savoury breads, cakes and snacks. Our team of experts can also help manufacturers and bakeries enhance the texture of their products with solutions that will add crispness, moisture or lightness to them, and will even extend the shelf life if required.
If you aim to develop healthier breads and cakes, ITS can help you too. We can help improve your recipes to reduce sugar, salt or fat content, without compromising on the taste and texture.
We offer both ready-to-apply and bespoke solutions to suit your applications.


Get the right flavour, aroma and texture in breads, morning goods and pastries. 


Taste and texture is key - plain buns, hot cross buns, chelsea buns and others.



Softness, moistness, shelf life and flavour for making great doughnuts, muffins, puddings, pound cakes and others.  



Make perfect biscuits, crackers, cookies, shortbread, thins and other bakery snacks.



Natural flavours for icings, frostings, fillings  - suitable for cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and more.


Bakery inclusions - natural flavour infused oats, dried fruits such as raisins, sultanas and cranberries and more.


Flavour Solutions

We supply high quality flavourings and seasonings, both for sweet and savoury applications. Our highly concentrated flavours come in various profiles such as cooked, juicy, jammy, sharp etc. and are mostly gluten free. The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder form.

Texture Solutions

  • EnhancR™ - Improves softness, moistness, freshness, visual appearance, flavour & aroma + extends shelf life.
  • MaxiSOFT™ - Improves softness and freshness.
  • MouthTEX - Improves body, richness and creaminess.

Health Solutions

  • Fat reduction - MouthTEX™ Rebuilding mouthfeel, body and taste in low fat baked products.
  • Sugar reduction - SweetLITE™ helps improve on taste, texture and mouthfeel.
  • Salt reduction - EnhancR™ range Enhance the taste of reduced salt in baked goods.

Salt Reduction in Bread

The constant battle to reduce salt and sugar in baked goods has created a technical hurdle that bakers and food technologists are trying to overcome in order to maintain the flavours that the public want and expect. In response to this, ITS has developed a number of bread flavours and enhancer systems that redress the flavour balance. These products have proved to be successful in a range of bread products, where the salt content has been reduced to 0.9% (below the FSA 2017 Target guideline of 0.96% for bread) not only without flavour compromise, but with actual flavour enhancement.

Additionally, ITS is currently working on new "Sour" type flavours which will be directed more towards the Artisan and Craft Sectors". These flavours recreate the sour notes characteristic of long fermentations but in “No-time” doughs. Such flavours could potentially be combined with a well-designed improver system to also re-create the crumb structure that is characteristic of long-fermented sour breads.
Sometimes a texture and flavour solution is needed as the change in salt level can influence the crumb structure and baking parameters such as mixing, proving and baking times.
Each application and recipe will be different and consequently ITS is developing a portfolio of systems tailored to suit a wide range of bread products.
Besides high intensity natural flavourings, we also offer solutions for creating the right texture and mouthfeel such as ‘Bridging technology’, ‘Masking technology’ and ‘Softness in cakes and breads’.

"The salt content has been reduced to 0.9% (below the FSA 2017 Target guideline of 0.96% for bread)."