Market Sectors

Dairy & Desserts

ITS supplies high strength natural flavourings to dairy and dessert manufacturers.
Our team of experts also develops solutions for delivering the right texture and a creamy mouthfeel to create an indulgent experience.
If you aim to develop healthier puddings or desserts, ITS can help you. We will work on your product to reduce sugar, salt or fat, without compromising taste and texture.
We offer both ready-to-apply and bespoke solutions to meet our customers needs and expectations.


High quality natural flavours including Juicy Strawberry, Tropical, Citrus and many more.

Desserts & Puddings

Dessert flavours in a range of profiles for a rich, creamy mouthfeel and indulgence.

Dairy Alternatives

Our solutions are also suitable for dairy alternatives such as soya and other plant proteins.

Dairy Drinks

A wide variety of natural flavourings including popular ones like berries, chocolate and vanilla.

Frozen Desserts

Looking for unusual natural flavours? Try retro, sweetshop or cocktail flavours to complement other popular flavours.

Flavour Solutions

  • We supply high quality flavourings that work perfectly with any dairy-based desserts and puddings. 
  • Our highly concentrated natural flavourings are also suitable for non dairy alternatives such as soy and other plant based proteins.
  • Our broad range of flavourings include a selection of traditional, tropical, sweetshop, cocktail and fruity flavours amongst others. 
  • If preferred, our team can custom-develop any flavour that you may need. 
  • The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder form and are mostly gluten free.

Texture Solutions

  • EnhancR™ - Improves softness, moistness, freshness, visual appearance, flavour & aroma + extends shelf life in puddings. 
  • MaxiSOFT™ - Improves softness and freshness.
  • MouthTEX™ - Improves body, richness and creaminess in desserts and puddings.         

Health Solutions

  • Sugar reduction - SweetLITE™ - Helps improve taste, texture and mouthfeel in dairy, puddings and cakes. 
  • MaskEX™ - Helps in masking unpleasant flavours from processes and ingredients such as high protein beverages.

Case Studies for Milk and Cheese

ITS has been working very closely with a large dairy company, that supplies own label flavoured milk drinks into large retail outlets.
In addition to helping the customer to develop and extend its UHT-stable flavour range, ITS has also created a flavour/texture system to help with sugar reduction, where the added sugar in the milk drink has been reduced by 30%.
The system not only helps to retain a good recognisable level of sweetness[, but also delivers a rich creamy texture characteristic of these type of products.

Working with a prominent dairy company, ITS was briefed to create a “Champagne” flavoured Mature Cheddar cheese.
Several concept Natural Flavourings around a “Sparkling Wine” theme were developed and evaluated in the cheese by simply crumbling the cheese and re-moulding with the liquid flavouring incorporated. Establishing the correct flavour profile and dosage to cut through the acidity of the cheese were the key elements of this brief.