Market Sectors

Active Lifestyle

As sports nutrition become more mainstream, products for energy, hydration, recovery and caffeine are increasing in popularity. ITS offers a wide range of flavours and taste solutions such as masking technology for bitterness, harshness, beany, astringency and vitamin B off flavour.
Healthy foods are also growing in demand with increased interest from consumers and regulatory bodies to manufacture products with less sugar, salt and fat content.
At ITS, we have the expertise and knowledge to help manufacturers develop great tasting products by improving on flavour and texture. Our team of food technologists work closely with customers on development projects – whether it’s improving recipes, developing a new product or lowering costs.

Protein & Cereal Bars

Natural flavouring, texture systems, masking for high energy bars.

Isotonic beverages

Create new  isotonic beverage flavours and improve existing ones.

High Protein Breads

Make high protein bread taste as good as normal bread with our solutions.

Healthy Snacks

Produce healthy snacks to create variety and interest in your products with on-trend sweet and savoury natural flavours.

Protein Powders

Create the right balance for superb taste and outstanding performance, from core flavours to customised profiles.

Milkshakes & RTD

Robust natural flavouring with rich aroma for milk and high protein RTD breakfast and meal replacement drinks.

Flavour Solutions

  • We supply high quality natural flavourings and seasonings, both for sweet and savoury applications. Our broad range includes fruity, traditional, and cocktail flavours amongst others, and are mostly gluten free. 
  • ITS also offers other solutions such as masking technology for bitterness, harshness, beany, astringency and vitamin B off flavour. 
  • The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder form.

Texture Solutions

  • EnhancR™ - Improves softness, moistness, freshness, visual appearance, flavour, aroma and extends shelf life. 
  • MaxiSOFT™ - Improves softness and freshness. 
  • MouthTEX™ - Improves body, richness and creaminess. 
  • CrispBite™ - A healthier alternative to traditional sugar syrup base binders in cereal bars and clusters.         

Health Solutions

  • Fat reduction - MouthEX™ Rebuilding mouthfeel, body and taste in low fat baked products. 
  • Sugar reduction - SweetLITE™ helps improve on taste, texture and mouthfeel. 
  • Salt reduction - EnhancR™ range Enhance the taste of reduced salt in baked goods.         

Case Study for Protein Drinks

Protein Drink
ITS has conducted an extensive study of the top 20 market leading chocolate drink powders. The purpose of the work was firstly to establish the range of different chocolate flavour profiles available and secondly to score and rank the products.
This was achieved through preparing the drinks, evaluating using an experienced taste panel and scoring each product based upon a number of parameters including aroma, flavour and texture as well as things such as ease of dissolution and mouthfeel.
From this evaluation, ITS has developed a small range of chocolate flavourings designed to fully complement whey protein-based Chocolate drinks