Innovative, natural solutions to sugar reduction!

The addition of sugar during processing or preparation of foods contributes to texture and mouthfeel. Sugar is also an important contributor to flavour by interacting with other ingredients. Depending on the food application, sugar has a unique ability to heighten flavour or depress the perception of other flavours.

International Taste Solutions (ITS) supports customers in meeting the challenges of producing healthier reduced-sugar products, with its cutting-edge taste and texture solutions. The company offers sugar reduction solutions for a wide range of products from dairy to drinks, snacks or baked goods like cakes, flapjacks or biscuits.

ITS’ products allow products to maintain texture, sweetness and flavour while significantly reducing sugar content.

The company’s extensive research and development has led to a breakthrough with two new solutions: SweetLITE™ Super and SweetLITE™ Fuse. 

SweetLITE™ Super gives a sweetness boost when reducing sugar content, delivering the taste that consumers enjoy in food and drink products.  SweetLITE™ Super is declared as natural flavouring in product formulations.

SweetLITE™ Fuse can replace sugar syrup in a wide range of food products. It is a Clean Label solution declared as vegetable fibre & water in product formulations. SweetLITE™ Fuse replaces the bulk and functional properties of sugar, while drastically reducing the calorie content. This can also be used in combination with SweetLITE™ Super and a wide range of natural flavourings to create the perfect product.

For more details on our products and how we can help with your product development, please contact or telephone 01635 261920.

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