Butter Flavourings

The best alternative to butter without compromising on taste

With butter prices soaring by as much as 53%, manufacturers of baked goods containing a high amount of butter such as shortbread and pastries are feeling forced to raise prices. Some cake and processed food firms, though, are looking into switching to other alternatives.
ITS (International Taste Solutions) has developed a range of high quality natural flavourings including a butter range, which can help rebuild the flavour when the amount of butter is reduced. These natural flavourings can work in different product applications such as cakes, sponges, shortbread giving them a golden colour while enhancing their flavour. ITS has a wide range of brown and cream flavourings to enhance your products.

Fat reduction

Butter flavouring is also an optimal solution when reducing the amount of fat in baked goods.
ITS's solution for fat reduction, together with the natural flavouring, will rebuild mouthfeel, body and taste.
These solutions allow baking products manufacturers to launch lighter versions of their best sellers without compromising on taste or texture.

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