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Great news for coffee flavour lovers! The current trend coffee flavours is simply not going away! Coffee is an increasingly popular ingredient in healthy snacks and drinks. Products such as snacks, protein drinks and milkshakes with coffee flavour is finding their way onto supermarket shelves.

Coffee flavourings rise in popularity can be attributed to the connotation of good health and energy boosting benefits. It also gives consumers a touch of permissible indulgence.

This growth is giving manufacturers endless innovation opportunities. Data from Innova market insights show that global growth in coffee and tea retail sales is mainly value driven, growing with a CAGR (’10-’18 forecast) of +4.6% and +4.4%, respectively. It was also found that 1 in 2 consumers from the US, UK and Australia want more fusion of flavours in their beverages.

We have tried and tasted various flavour combinations and the possibilities are endless.
ITS offers Natural Flavourings with the following profiles:
- Coffee Creme
- Mocha
- Strong
- Roasted
- Dark Roasted
- Creamy

At ITS, we have several product offerings that are suitable for various applications. Products in the range include:

- Instant coffee powder including Brazilian and Vietnamese
- coffee extract
- Ground coffee (suitable for baked products such as muffins for an extra visual appeal)
- Coffee flavourings (natural)
-Sumatran ground coffee
-Vietnamese ground coffee

The Instant powders can be used in all sorts of applications including drinks. The grounds are more for visual and adds some flavour in bakery applications such as muffins.

For more information, please contact sales@itstaste.com or call +44 1635 261920.

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