Taste and Texture Solutions for Dairy

It's all in the taste and texture as far as ITS is concerned! We have an excellent range of ready-to-apply and bespoke natural flavour, profile and texture solutions which are perfect for use in dairy based products.

Solutions can be formulated for sweet dairy applications such as milk drinks, ice cream, yoghurts and puddings or for savoury dairy applications including cheese. Our team of experts can deliver innovative solutions for anything from reducing formula costs and sugar levels, using SweetLITE™ to improving taste by using special top-notes.
ITS can help you create delicious, indulgent dairy products and desserts to make your products stand out.

Natural Flavourings

ITS offers a wide range of high-quality natural flavourings that work with dairy and non-dairy based drinks, high protein drinks and desserts. ITS’ core flavourings range includes favourites such as chocolate, vanilla and summer flavours, and the range is always growing as new and popular on-trends flavours are added.

The flavourings range for savoury dairy applications includes profiles for creamy, buttery or cheesy taste. Most of the flavours are gluten-free and are offered in both liquid or powder form.
ITS’ extensive range of dairy profiles include:
Buttermilk, Yoghurt, Clotted Cream, Butter, Cream Cheese, Mature Cheese, Custard, Condensed Milk and aslo
a variety of seasonings for cheese applications.

For our extensive range,

Texture Solutions

ITS also offers a range of solutions to improve the texture of products.
EnhancR™ - Improves softness, moistness, freshness, visual appearance, flavour, aroma and also helps extend shelf life in puddings.
MaxiSOFT™ - Improves softness and freshness.
MouthTEX™ - Improves body, richness and creaminess in desserts and puddings.

Health Solutions

ITS has developed a range of health solutions to allow customers to tap into the healthy eating opportunity.
SweetLITE™ - Sugar reduction solution which helps improve taste, texture and mouthfeel in dairy, puddings and cakes. It is possible to achieve up to 50% sugar reduction in some applications.

Masking Solution

MaskEX™ - Masking solution which helps mask unpleasant flavours from processes and ingredients in products such as high protein beverages.

Case Study: Sugar Reduction in Milkshakes

A large dairy company which supplies own-label flavoured milk drinks into large retail outlets approached ITS to help develop and extend its UHT-stable flavour range.
ITS created a flavour and texture system which allowed the added sugar in the milk drink to be reduced by 30%. The system not only retained a recognisable level of sweetness, but also delivered the rich creamy texture that is characteristic of this type of product.
The use of sugar content claims, such as “low sugar” has as much as doubled on dairy products in the last five years, according to data from Innova Market Insights.
ITS allows its customers to tap into this booming opportunity.

Case Study: Flavoured Cheese

ITS was briefed by a prominent dairy company to create a ‘Champagne’ flavoured mature cheddar cheese. Concepts around a ‘Sparkling Wine’ natural flavour theme were developed and evaluated in the cheese by crumbling and re-moulding it with the liquid flavouring incorporated.
ITS established the correct flavour profile and dosage to cut through the acidity of the cheese. The product was successfully launched into the market and received positive feedback from consumers.

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