Enhanced and Extended freshness in cakes and sponge

For bakers and retailers, quite often there is a compromise with quality when producing cake products with extended shelf life. When stored at ambient temperatures most cake products with a moist, spongy crumb undergo a progressive deterioration of quality commonly known as staling. In general, the higher the moisture content of the product in its fresh state, the more pronounced are the changes resulting from staling.

To overcome these issues, ITS has launched EnhancR™ which will help bakers boost the quality of extended shelf life cake products. Fresh cakes have always been a consumer favourite, but freshness means different things to different people. Freshness includes perceptions on softness, moistness, visual appearance, flavour and aroma attributes. Many currently available cake enhancers focus on just one or two selected attributes often with variable results.

EnhancR™ from ITS really can enhance all freshness attributes over life and in many cases, deliver that freshness for an extended shelf life. Skilfully formulated by a team of bakery technologists, EnhancR™ combines new ingredient technology with selected functional ingredients to influence the following in all types of cakes and sponges:
● Crumb texture
● Moistness
● Retard staling
● Enhance flavour
● Assist with mould prevention

Preliminary work has been carried out in muffins, magdalenas, enriched sponges, cream cakes and high ratio cakes. In addition, ITS is currently testing suitability for use in various other products such as Swiss Roll formulations.

The EnhancR™ range of products is currently available as four formulations:-
- Conventional vanilla
- Clean label vanilla
- Conventional chocolate
- Clean label chocolate

ITS is also able to provide customized solutions for companies that require assistance with reformulation.

The EnhancR™ range attracted enormous interest over the duration of IBA Exhibition in Munich 2015. ITS exhibited cakes that were produced using ‘conventional’ and the ‘CL’ versions of EnhancR™ for interested parties to taste and assess. Many were impressed by the softness, moistness and visual appeal of the cakes, given that they were 6 weeks old at the time of being presented.

Summary about EnhancR™
❖ Description: A concentrated blend of functional ingredients developed to enhance and extend freshness in sweet bakery products, available in conventional (XTRA) & clean label (CL) format
❖ Application: All types of industrially manufactured cake & sponge
❖ Dosage: Typically 2% of batter weight
❖ Benefits include:

● Enhanced Crumb Moistness perception over life
● Crumb Softness enhanced over life
● Flavour & Aroma more pronounced over product life
● Brighter & Creamier crumb colour across the formats
● Up to 8% increase in baked volume in XTRA range
● Up to 18% less compression force required in TAXT testing over life
● Reduced crumbliness over life
● Potential to extend mould free shelf-life
● GMO Free

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