Flavoured Dried Fruits

A perfect product/ingredient for everyone

Kids snacking applications
A great way for kids to increase their fruit intake is adding flavoured dried fruits to their snacks, trail bags, cereal bars or cookies. Why not try Cola Raisins or Lemonade sultanas?
Adults Snacking Applications
Snackification is now a reality. Snacks consumption is increasing alongside healthier food products. Flavoured dried fruits is the perfect healthy snack, and also a great ingredient to add to a nuts trail bag. Melon Cranberries could be a tasty, refreshing option for summer!

Suitable for any application

Flavoured dried fruits can enhance many products in different categories such as:

Muesli / Granola Applications
A good example could be Apple & Cinnamon Raisins in muesli or in a cereal bar.

Confectionery Applications
Just imagine some Coffee Flavoured Raisins enrobed in chocolate…

Dairy Applications
How about some cheese with Pomegranate Cranberries or with Port raisins?

Bakery Applications
Dried fruit inclusions in bakery have always worked well. As an example, Blueberry Sultanas can enhance a muffin or Apple & Raspberry Sultanas can go well in a flapjack!

Cuisine Applications
Using flavoured dried fruit for cooking is also a great option to add a healthy, surprising and experimental touch to your dishes. Try with Walnut Raisins in a salad or with Mojito Sultanas in a Mexican dish.

One solution with multiple benefits

· Natural and Healthy ingredient and end-product.
· Experiential: consumers get a surprising burst of flavour.
· Multi-purpose: suitable for many occasions and applications.
· Cost saver when used to replace other expensive ingredients (i.e. Blueberry flavoured Sultanas instead of Blueberries).

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