Food Ingredients Europe 2017 - Visit Stand 11.1G94

Making healthy foods taste better!

Visit our stand at Food Ingredients Europe 2017 to see what ITS can offer in terms of cutting edge technology for taste and texture solutions!
ITS has the ability and expertise to support customers to meet the challenges of producing healthier products.
Our solutions include:-
- SweetLite™ - sugar reduction solutions
- MaskEX™ - masking solutions
- MouthTEX™ - for improving mouthfeel, body & creaminess
- EnhancR™ - to help prolong freshness
- MaxiCRUNCH™ - to improve crunch & crisp textures
- Natural flavourings - a wide array of natural flavourings for various applications
- Natural flavoured dried fruits - great tasting raisins, sultanas, apricots and other dried fruits

Sugar reduction solutions

SweetLITE™ range of products has been developed by ITS to enable manufacturers to make significant reductions in sugar content whilst still retaining the true characteristics of their products. A sugar reduction of 20-50% was achieved with no detrimental effect on flavour or function in products such as:-
- flapjacks
- granola & clusters
- cookies
- porridge
- cereal bars
- cakes

The SweetLITE™ Flavourings range is suitable for sugar reduction, where sweetness and body need to be
replaced. The range includes some flavours particular to a profile for e.g. vanilla, caramels and berry notes.
Visit our stand to discuss your requirements and taste samples in applications such as flapjack.

Solutions for Sports Nutrition products

MaskEX Sports™ range has been designed to help mask bitterness, or other off-notes associated with protein, making it more palatable or helping to neutralize the base to add other flavours to it.
The range is available in 2 formats:-
- vegan protein-based products
- whey protein-based products.

MouthTEX Sports™ range has the following functionalities when used in protein shakes:-
- create mouthfeel
- improve texture
- mask graininess
- creating a thicker & smoother product

Separate formats for vegan and whey based-products are available and these are also suitable for protein sources including pea, hemp and soya.

Natural Flavourings & Texture Solutions

ITS supplies cost effective and high quality flavouring solutions for both sweet and savoury applications in baked goods, dairy/non-dairy products and snacks.
Our team of experts can also help manufacturers with improving the texture of products to add crispness, softness, moisture and shelf life extension.

The ‘EnhancR’ range of flavour systems offer a range of profiles including ‘Crusty’, ‘Toasty’, ‘Savoury’, ‘Creamy’ and subtle ‘Sour’ notes.

- EnhancR-CR: Provides full and rounded characteristic ‘bread’ and ‘crusty’ notes to the product.
- EnhancR-TY: Delivers additional ‘Toasted’, ‘Roasted’ and ‘Nutty’ characters.
- EnhancR-SY: Delivers a more Umami style profile.
- EnhancR-ON: Provides subtle sour characteristic of overnight fermented artisanal type of bread.
- EnhancR-CY: A slightly sweet, creamy profile which fits well with more buttery products such as croissants.

Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits

ITS also offers a wide range of natural flavoured dried fruits such as raisins, sultanas, cranberries and apricots.
They can give textural differentiation, flavour-release uniqueness and targeted nutrition to a variety of products.

Examples of our Natural Flavoured dried fruits are:
- Lemonade flavoured sultanas
- Cola flavoured raisins
- Melon flavoured cranberries
- Mojito flavoured sultanas

Some of the product applications you will be able to try at our stand include:-
- Natural flavoured sports gels
- high protein baked muffins
- Natural flavourings in icings

Visit us at Stand 11.1G94 at FIE in Frankfurt from 28-30 Nov 2017 to discuss your requirements with our sales/technical team.

For more information or to make an appointment, please email or tel: +44 1635 261920.

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