Healthier snacks and bakes with ITS natural flavoured fruits

The market is moving towards healthier and more natural, yet indulgent snacks and bakes. More and more consumers are looking for innovative ways to increase the daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

ITS offers an innovative way to enhance flavour and texture in snacks and baked goods using high quality dried fruits which have been flavoured using natural flavouring. Using only the finest ingredients, ITS offers a wide range of Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits such as sultanas, raisins, cranberries and apricots.

The range of flavours is very broad, ranging from fruit flavourings to cocktails or brown/cream flavourings. They are perfect for use in snacks such as trail bags, cereal bars and fruit bars, breakfast products including cereals, porridges and granolas. These delicious dried fruits also works a treat in baked goods, for example cakes, muffins, cupcakes, biscuits, cookies.



Why choose Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits in your products?

- Unrivalled intensity of flavour with a pleasant element of surprise
- Ability to replace other expensive dried fruits
- Better distribution of flavour in your product
- Ease of use and blending with other ingredients
- Innovative, creates a new flavour experience
- Adds texture and nutritional content

Natural Flavoured Dried Fruit List

Some of our core natural flavoured dried fruits are listed below. Please contact us if the flavour of your choice is not listed here.

Natural Flavoured Cranberries
-Blood orange
-Juicy Red Berry

Natural Flavoured Raisins
-Black Cherry
-Mulled Wine
-English Tea
-Maple Midget Raisins
-Yuzu Golden raisins
-Sour Apple
-Orange Marmalade
-Sweet Apple

Natural Flavoured Sultanas
-Red Berry
-Coffee Creme
-Mince Pie

For more details on our products and how we can help with your product development, please contact or telephone +(44)1635 261920.

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