Hot Cross Bun Flavours 2019

Hot Cross Bun Flavours and Ideas for 2019

Traditional Hot Cross Buns with aromatic bun spices will always remain a popular choice for Easter. However the appeal of non-traditional hot cross buns flavoured with trendy flavour combinations are getting popular. This can be seen by the number of new flavoured buns launched by supermarkets each year.

ITS has developed a range of exciting sweet and spice combinations to compliment buns, breads, cakes and cookies. Every year the development team uses market research to gather information on what's trending in the flavour world. This is then followed by testing out these new flavours and various pairings in the test bakery.

After plenty of baking and tasting sessions, the technical development team have identified several flavours and pairings that work well. Here are some terrific flavour ideas for Hot Cross Buns and other applications such as short bread biscuits.

- Caramel & Coffee (with Coffee Flavoured Raisins)
- Rhubarb & Ginger (with Ginger Flavoured Cranberries)
- Yuzu (with Yuzu flavouring & Yuzu Golden Raisins)
- Hot cross bun shortbread with lime icing

We work closely with customers to help develop a close match to their requirements for liquid or powder form of flavours for their buns.

Please also get in touch if you would like to use our Innovation Centre or Test Bakery facilities for your development projects or if you would like us to visit you.

Flavoured Dried Fruits

Adding raisins and sultanas provide a fantastic natural sweetness and texture in baked products, and also gives an added healthy boost. With hot cross buns, the addition of flavoured raisins and sultanas adds a depth of flavour and give a better flavour distribution.

Our flavour ranges include a popular assortment of berry flavours and zingy citrus flavours. Try them in traditional hot cross buns or even in new twists such as adding Lime Flavoured Sultanas for a zingy flavour boost.

For information on Natural Flavoured Dried Fruit, please click below

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