Ice cream: it's all about flavour and sugar content

One of the most innovative categories in the food industry is ice cream. This category has seen a quick and sudden growth after this summer’s heatwave in the UK. The country has had a sales increase year on year from 36.2% to 36.7% across the category, according to Kantar World Pannel. At the same time, the category value has increased by an extra £55M as a result of this summer’s hot weather.
Aiming not to miss any palate, ice cream manufacturers try to meet the market needs and flavour trends. Freezers in supermarkets are stocked with a broad range of flavours ready to attract consumers. Flavour profiles can be adventurous (like pistachio-orange blossom, raspberry-basil or cardamom-spice), traditional (like chocolate-vanilla), exotic (like coconut-mango) or indulgent (like praline, or caramel-hazelnut).
ITS offers a range of ready-to-apply and bespoke dairy flavour profiles to help churn out perfect dairy based products. Our natural flavourings and texture solutions also work in dairy free and dairy alternative products.

Rise of sugar claims

In the last two years, there has been a 206% increase on ice cream products launched in EU countries -and UK- containing sugar claims, according to Innova Market Insights.
After an in-depth research, ITS has launched a natural solution for sugar reduction in dairy. Significant sugar content can be removed with no detrimental effect on flavour or function with SweetLITE™ Super. It helps to rebuild flavour in dairy with up to 50% sugar reduction successfully achieved in some applications.
SweetLITE™ Super gives a sweetness boost when reducing sugar content whilst restoring mouthfeel and creaminess, delivering the taste that consumers enjoy. The solution can be declared as natural flavouring in product formulations. The sweetness enhancing effect with SweetLITE™ Super is significantly more powerful than white sugar!

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