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Innovation is at the heart of ITS

At ITS we develop, manufacture and supply high quality natural flavouring systems (in powder and liquid formats) and texture systems, to enhance our customers' products. Our purpose is to make healthier foods taste better and consequently, innovation and passion are at the heart of what we do.

The ITS site in Newbury houses an extensive Innovation Suite comprising a Test Bakery/Pilot Plant, Innovation Kitchen, a Flavour Creation Laboratory and a Sample Bay. Our highly experienced team holds a very strong food technology skillset and includes a world-class creative flavourist, ready to assist customers on any challenge.

The ITS Newbury site has received BRC V7 AA accreditation, which demonstrates out teams's commitment to deliver the highest quality standards across all our business.

Innovation Suite

The Innovation Suite consists of 3 key areas:-

Test bakery & Pilot Plant - The Test Bakery is equipped with a triple deck oven (with steam facility), provers, bun divider moulder, and a wide range of mixing and small-scale preparation equipment. the area also accomodates some small-scale pilot plant equipment and is designed to be able to bring in bespoke equipment as projects dictate.

Innovation Kitchen - This comprises a large presenation area, perfect for meetings, product evaluations and media presentations.

Flavour Creation Laboratory & Sample Bay - These areas hold a large library of flavourings (liquid & powder), texture and masking systems, all availabe to the customer for use in product development. in many cases, flavouring systems in particular, can be adjusted 'on the go' if a particular application requires it.

How can we help?

We work closely with customers on an end-to-end basis, from product conception to launch into the market place. Whether the goal is to reduce costs, improve a recipe, expand an existing range, or launch new product, ITS will accept the challenge. We build strong and committed working relationships with our customers and are innovative, agile and passionate about what we do.

Our capabilities & Solutions
- Bespoke flavour and texture profiling for new developments.
- Comprehensive natural flavourings library (liquid & powder).
- Sugar, salt and fat reduction solutions.
- Masking of undesirable flavour notes and sensations.
- Product benchmarking and evaluation; comparison to similar products and market leaders.
- "On the run" flavour application and adjustment, short-circuiting the sampling process.
- Increase the speed of customer NPD through both product and process development.
- Work alone or with our own food technologists to achieve your solution.
- Professional advice on best flavour combinations for each application and target audience.
- Market research on Market Trends for specific sectors and applicatons.

Please contact us if you would like more information. Email: sales or call +44 1635 261920.

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