Move to Natural Flavourings

Demand for natural flavourings that can compensate for flavour loss when reducing sodium, sugar, and fat in foods is increasing. Consumers are looking for healthier and more natural ingredients, which in turn is prompting a growing number of manufacturers to overhaul recipes.

Here at ITS, we focus on continuous innovation and product development in order to respond to demand for new, natural, healthy and sustainable products.

The move to natural flavourings can involve a change in formulation and costs, but our team of experts are on hand to work closely with customers to meet their project objectives and requirements. We have the knowledge on natural flavour stability in different applications to support manufacturers’ product development.

Reasons to move to natural flavourings:-

Health and image - Natural flavourings can deliver a healthier and more upmarket image to finished food and drinks. It is also important in balancing taste when other healthy ingredients are incorporated.
Concerns about salt and sugar content are increasing and manufacturers are having to reformulate their products without changing the taste too much. This is where natural flavourings play a key role.

Authenticity of taste – Natural and authentic flavourings are fast becoming mainstream as consumers seek tastes that are ‘fresh or natural’. It is easier to sell products using a natural flavouring as ‘homemade’ than to sell products using artificial ingredients as ‘homemade’.

More variety – Requirements for high quality standard flavourings are growing but demand is also increasing for unique and complex flavours such as ‘New York Cheesecake’. Diversification of flavours and the demand in ethnic flavours have been major drivers in increasing ITS’s portfolio of natural flavourings.

Clean labelling – Increasing consumer demand for foods that are fresh, natural and minimally processed are driving manufacturers to clean up product labels for clearer and simpler claims. As a result, there is a need to reformulate products and substitute artificial flavourings with natural flavourings.

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