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Vanilla is the world's most popular flavouring. The global price of vanilla beans has escalated significantly due to poor crops.

With these rising costs, manufacturers are looking for alternative solutions. ITS is able to offer a wide range of cost-effective natural flavourings with Vanilla characteristics that demonstrate a variety of flavour profiles to suit different product applications.

Although regarded as a ‘simple’ flavouring, vanilla actually has a very complex composition and as a result, it is able to demonstrate a diverse range of profiles that appeal to many consumer tastes. Examples are anise, caramel, smokey, woody, creamy but there are also obvious floral notes and fruitiness along with a host of other compounds that add nuance to the flavour of vanilla.

The range of natural flavourings with Vanilla characteristics offered by ITS covers most of the variety of flavour notes desired by consumers.

Growing interest in health and wellness means consumers are seeking products that are seen to be healthy. However, trends have shown that indulgent products continue to grow. As a versatile flavouring, vanilla can be used to increase the indulgent nature of the product whilst contributing reducing the amount of sugar used, due to its natural sweet notes.

Product launches with vanilla flavouring are still growing, with “Innova Insights” reporting that vanilla combination products are on the rise, for example coconut and vanilla, mint and vanilla, vanilla and chocolate.

The enduring popularity of vanilla as a flavour is proven as seen in the chart, showing that the number of product launches globally within the bakery, dairy and sports nutrition market between 2015 and 2017.

What's New?

Why not try the latest additions to our natural Vanilla range?
ITS is always expanding the range to ensure that the right profile and format is available to enable customers to develop winning recipes. Our experts are available to offer technical support in choosing the right flavour or combination of flavour profiles to achieve this.
These natural vanilla flavourings are suitable for a wide array of applications including bakery, desserts, dairy and sports nutrition products.

Rich Vanilla - a deep, intense and complex vanilla flavouring.
Ice cream Vanilla - a creamy and milky profile giving a well rounded and sweet flavour.
Smokey Vanilla - imparts a subtle smokey flavour and aroma.

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