A Breakthrough in Sugar Reduction - SweetLITE™ Super!

ITS’s extensive research and development has led to a breakthrough - SweetLITE™ Super!

This solution gives a sweetness boost when reducing sugar content whilst restoring mouthfeel and creaminess, delivering the taste that consumers enjoy. The new “SweetLITE™ Super” product acts as a natural sweetness booster in dairy, active lifestyle (sports nutrition) and snack products.

Significant sugar content can be removed with no detrimental effect on flavour or function SweetLITE™ Super” helps to rebuild flavour in dairy, active lifestyle and snack products with up to 50% sugar reduction successfully achieved in some applications.

SweetLITE™ Super can be declared as natural flavouring in product formulations. The sweetness enhancing effect with SweetLITE™ Super is significantly more powerful than white sugar!

Government pressure and consumer negativity towards sugar and artificial sweeteners have put pressure on manufacturers to find ways to make sweet products appealing and palatable, but with a much lower sugar content. Artificial sweeteners have been used in part to substitute white sugar. However, these are seen in a negative light by consumers, leading to a need for new thinking on sugar reduction.

Manufacturers can take the approach of reformulating products to contain lower sugar levels or shift consumer purchase to lower or no added sugar products. For example, Sports Nutrition products launched globally with “low/no added sugar” claims increased by 804% between 2013 and 2017, according to Innova Market Insights.

Product Applications

SweetLITE™ Super solution acts as a natural sweetness booster and is suitable for the following applications:-

- Dairy
- Active lifestyle protein drinks
- Snack products

The addition of a very small amount of SweetLITE™ Super will rebuild flavour and boost sweetness in some products. In some dairy applications, SweetLITE™ Super has helped to build back taste at up to 50% sugar reduction with no detrimental effect on flavour or function.

With Active Lifestyle protein drinks, there is an enormous challenge firstly to overcome the often unpleasant taste of the protein base, then secondly to build an appealing flavour system. SweetLITE™ Super plays a significant role in this process, contributing to a balanced, rounded flavour profile.

ITS develops and manufactures a broad range of natural flavourings and texture solutions to make healthier foods taste better! If you need help developing new concepts or improving recipes, contact sales@itstaste.com or
tel: (+44) 01635 261920.

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