Summer flavours

Natural Berry Flavourings

Summer time is the perfect time to launch flavours that are original, limited edition products which contain ingredients that are associated with summer such as passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, mango and citrus options such as orange and mandarin.

Berry flavours has long been associated with warm sunny days. The floral, sweet fragrance and tartness from the berries can give a distinct yet subtle, perfumed flavour and is suitable for a variety of applications such as sponge cakes, cookies, icings and milk based drinks. They can also be used in combination with other flavours to create tastes from subtle to ‘stand out’.

Try our natural Strawberries and Cream flavour in an icing to create the perfect Victoria Sponge or other summer themed desserts. All our flavours are highly concentrated and come in various profiles such as jammy, juicy, cooked and many others.

Natural Citrus & Tropical Fruit Flavourings

ITS offer a wide selection of tropical flavours including familiar ones such as Sicilian Lemon and Coconut as well interesting on-trend flavours such as Yuzu and Dragonfruit.

Why not try our Cucumber flavour which is a popular choice for summer for it's cool and crisp notes - perfect for pairing with mint or lime.

Other tasty pairings include Guava & Lime, Coconut & Mango and Passion fruit & Raspberry. They work a treat in cupcakes, icings, muffins and in various other applications.

Natural Cocktail Flavourings

Flavours in this range include Pina Colada, Bucks Fizz, Woo Woo, Mojito, Rum and many others. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of bakery products as well as dairy products. Applications include cupcakes, icings, cookies, scones, dairy based products and desserts.

From coconut cupcakes with Pina Colada to luscious desserts such as summer berry pudding laced with Woo Woo cocktail flavour, we have the right selection of cocktail flavours to give your products that extra ‘oomph’.

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