Taste and Texture Solutions for Active lifestyle products

The market is moving towards a more sustainable and healthy way of living. Active consumers are seeking food made from natural sources and processes and, when possible, enriched with nutrients that can benefit their health.
Manufacturers from all sectors struggle to make healthy products taste good. At ITS, we have the expertise and knowledge to help in the development of great tasting healthy products by improving on flavour and texture. We work closely with customers to accomplish any goal such improving recipes, developing a new product or even lowering costs.


The solution to create sweetness and texture

MouthTEX™ Sweet is the ideal solution for active lifestyle products. It adds creaminess and body, creating indulgence. The solution also acts on the flavour, as it enhances sweetness while reducing sugar content (or replacing stevia or sucralose if required).
MouthTEX™ Sweet works in different applications such as vegan and whey protein drinks and milk (dairy and dairy-free).
This solution has successfully been used in different products, where both taste and texture have substantially improved.

Our range

MouthTEX™ Sweet
Adds indulgence, creaminess and texture to protein drinks, whether whey or vegan based, along with adding sweetness. Masks the protein off-notes and gives a more neutral base for the addition of other flavourings.
MaskEX™ Sweet
Masks the off notes from protein and adds sweetness to then build a flavour on milk drinks, non dairy drinks and snacks, adding sweetness and slight cream notes.
MaskEX™ Sports
Masks bitterness or other off-notes associated with protein, making it more palatable or helping to neutralise the base to add other flavours to it. Ideal for both drinks and snack products.
MouthTEX™ Sports
Creates mouthfeel, texture and creaminess in a protein shake whilst helping to mask graininess, creating a thicker and smoother style shake.
Sweetlite™ Super
Proven to reduce sugar up to 50% in snacks and beverages whilst still retaining the true characteristics of each of them. It works as a powerful sweetness boost and it is declarable as a natural flavouring.
Sweetlite™ Boost
Helps reduce sugar up to 40% in baked goods, snacks and beverages without compromising on flavour.
IT is declarable as a natural flavouring.
Natural flavourings
Broad range of natural flavourings, which can be adjusted to a particular application. From vanillas, to exotic fruits or alcohol flavours, the catalogue includes all sort of profiles.

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