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There seem to be so many exciting development here at ITS, that we thought we’d write about everything in one place, so you can see what’s been going on.

Floral Flavourings in Baking

Get Floral in your baking! ITS has introduced a range of Floral Flavourings to its portfolio of products. 

ITS has introduced a range of natural Floral Flavourings to its expanding range of products. The use of floral flavours have been popular the drinks sector for many years now, but recently have been rediscovered for use in food, particularly in baking. 

Floral Flavourings can add a variety of flavour notes to baked goods, ranging from sweet to savoury. These can be used in breads, cookies, cakes, icings and desserts as it can give a delicate, floral aroma and taste. 

To find out more on the range we offer, please click here.



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