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Salt Reduction Solutions revealed!

Breaking News on Salt Reduction!

Tasty Solutions to a Salty Dilemma revealed...let us help you put the flavour back into your baked goods. 

ITS is pleased to announce the introduction of our 'EnhancR' range of products which have been developed to redress the flavour balance in bread products where the salt content has been reduced.

Salt is one of the most effective flavour enhancers used in baked goods today. The reduction of salt has a significant impact on flavour in breads and other baked goods as the new stricter targets by the FSA include a 10% reduction to an average 0.96g salt per 100g in bread and rolls.

There is a clear opportunity within the food industry to address this flavour loss as the salt content of bread is reduced. To accomplish this, ITS has developed a range of natural flavour systems that effectively replenish the perceived loss in flavour as a result of reducing salt level.

The ‘EnhancR’ range of flavour systems offer a range of profiles including ‘Crusty’, ‘Toasty’, ‘Savoury’, ‘Creamy’ and subtle ‘Sour’ notes.

EnhancR-CR: A system that provides full and rounded characteristic ‘bread’ and ‘crusty’ notes to the product, enhancing the inherent flavour of the bread.

EnhancR-TY: A flavour system that delivers additional ‘Toasted’, ‘Roasted’ and ‘Nutty’ characters on top of the base bread flavour profile.

EnhancR-SY: Savoury notes built onto the basic bread flavour which delivers a more Umami style profile.

EnhancR-ON: A flavour system that provides subtle sour characteristic of overnight fermented artisanal type of bread which deliver acidic and bitter notes.

EnhancR-CY: A slightly sweet, creamy profile which fits well with more buttery products such as scones and croissants.

We offer a wide range of solutions for all of your baking needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you put the flavour back into your baked goods.

Please email or call us on Tel: +44 1635 817416 for more information.


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