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Street Food!

Summer is here! With it come the festivals, fairs and street markets. People go out, shop, have fun and, of course, eat! 

Summer is here! With it come the festivals, fairs and street markets. People go out, shop, have fun and, of course, eat!

Street food comes to mind in these cases, and reflects a current trend. Eat-as-you go is becoming one of the hottest options for Brits when spending the day out, not only in summertime, but also throughout the year.

The diverse range includes options from traditional burgers, hotdogs or pulled pork to ethnic alternatives such as Asian steamed buns, burritos, fajitas, falafels or churros.

The Street Food Report 2014, commissioned by Santa Maria, found that street food markets are becoming very popular. According to the report, nearly half (47%) of consumers planned to eat more street food in the next 12 months than they did already.

Consumers seem to be adventurous about trying new flavours. In the same report, 68% of respondents were introduced to new flavours by Street Food.

Believe it or not, the top five most popular kinds of street food were Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian and British! This translates loosely as burritos and tacos, steamed buns, noodles and curries, rice-based plates & traditional pies. When asked about the most popular dishes, respondents put sandwiches, wraps and burritos in first place (22%) and traditional hamburgers in second place (13%) along with rice dishes (13%).

ITS (International Taste Solutions) is ready to go to provide the baking industry with the latest flavour and taste solutions matching these market trends.

The company offers a wide range of seasonings for buns, breads, fajitas, tacos and all kinds of baked goods (even for steamed buns!). Seasonings include Mediterranean, English, Asian, North-African, Mexican and American and natural flavourings. ITS also offers texture solutions, such as Maxicrunch, a unique product providing flexibility, chewiness and controlled break in baked products, and Softex, which improves the softness perception of baked goods, whilst allowing extended shelf life and freshness.

Hungry yet? Grab your sunglasses and go for it!


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