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More needs to be done to get flavour back into bread

“More needs to be done to get flavour back into bread”, according to the Chairman of the British Society of Baking Sara Autton, pictured with Michael Portillo in a debate held at Foodex at Birmingham’s NEC on the 25th of March 2014.

In a debate held at Foodex at Birmingham’s NEC on the 25th March 2014, former politician Michael Portillo questioned Sara Autton on the issues of the regulation of salt and sugar within the baking industry. Sara said that having already reduced the salt level in bread, more work is now needed to find ways to get flavour back into bread, so the public can continue to enjoy it as part of a healthy balanced diet. The difficulty with reducing salt levels further than they are now is that we’re getting to the level where it’s becoming more difficult technically to make bread that people recognise as bread, and which tastes good and has its normal keeping qualities.

Portillo also asked whether introducing new regulations was a “terrible nuisance” or whether there was a commitment within the industry to improve the public’s health.
Sara’s response was: “I think there is a commitment in the baking industry to improve the nation’s health, but we need do it in a way that people can still enjoy bakery products as part of a healthy, balanced diet,” she said. “In my part of the industry, we’re very conscious that the aspect of a balanced diet seems to have dropped off the agenda. We think we can make a good contribution towards the nation’s health in conjunction with the education of people as to what a healthy balanced diet is, and how they can adopt it easily and in a way that they can afford.”

In response to a question about the information available to consumers on the food they buy, Sara commented on *new labelling legislation coming into force at the end of the year which will require manufacturers to give more and clearer information for consumers on the product packaging. She also said that as large retailers drive for products with ‘clean labelling’ (no e-number ingredients), the industry is increasingly challenged to do more with less in terms of ingredients, with many ingredients which have important functional properties in bread and cake production having to be omitted to achieve clean labelling. She said: “I think that’s going to throw up more challenges in the near future - for example, trying to get products with a longer shelf-life with fewer or no preservatives. That’s a key one that we’re dealing with at the moment.”

Extract taken from British Society of Baking website


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