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There seem to be so many exciting development here at ITS, that we thought we’d write about everything in one place, so you can see what’s been going on.


After settling its business in the UK and reaching Ireland and The Netherlands, ITS is expanding its business to Italy, Spain and Portugal 

ITS (International Taste Solutions), is experiencing a massive growth. In order to better manage it, the company has decided to make a strategic move by extending its team to Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The company addresses the baking industry, which is the second largest in the food sector with annual sales of £3.4 billion in the UK, according to the UK Bakers Federation.

Following AIBI’s latest Bread Market Report (Jan 2015), the total consumption of bread and patisserie was estimated as nearly 39 million tonnes in the EU 27 countries, although the market structure varies throughout Europe.On average, the annual bread consumption in Spain is 37kg/head, whilst in Italy is 52kg and in the UK 32kg.

ITS Taste has a strong Innovation and Development department fully dedicated to work on new flavours and textures. On one hand, it works on traditional bakery products, such as its ranges of solutions to enhance flavour and texture of breads, Easter buns or puddings. On the other hand, it creates ranges of products aligned with the latest trends, such as recently launched tropical flavours and flower flavours.

According to Mike Bagshaw, ITS’s Managing Director, “expanding to Iberian countries and Italy gives us the opportunity to reach a broader market and to let them discover our range of flavour and texture solutions for enhancing their baking products, such as Mediterranean flavours, floral flavours or our natural texture systems”.

Concerned about increasing health problems in population, ITS also offers a range of solutions for creating healthier products. Its areas of expertise include innovative solutions for fat and sugar replacement, salt reduction, high proteins and products to enhance gluten and dairy free foods recipes.

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