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2017 - Another eventful year for ITS!

2017 - Another eventful year for ITS!

As the year comes to a close, ITS celebrate their continued growth and success in the natural flavouring, taste and texture industry.

In January, as sugar reduction continues to be a hot topic, ITS launched SweetLITE™ SRC which can achieve up to 30% sugar reduction in cakes and muffins with no detrimental effect on flavour, mouthfeel, texture or function. This complements SweetLITE™ which was initially aimed at flapjacks, granolas, cookies and cereal bars.  

As experts in Natural Flavourings for the baking, snacks, dairy and sports & health nutrition sectors, ITSs' team of experts continuously monitor and research main flavour trends that will lead the market. This allows ITS to stay one step ahead and develop new flavours that cater to market needs. With this information, ITS can advise customers on which new flavours to use in their products. Look out for ITS's flavour trends for 2018-2019 which will be published in the new year.

2017 also saw rising demand for cost-effective natural flavourings as commodity prices rocket. Butter and vanilla, two ingredients for which prices have soared by over 20% is resulting is higher costs for manufacturers of bakery products. This has led to manufacturers looking for alternatives such as Natural Vanilla flavourings to suit the different product applications and flavour notes. Using Natural Butter Flavouring is also an optimal solution for reducing the amount of fat in baked goods in line with healthy eating trends without compromising on taste or texture. 

ITS has also found that demand for natural flavourings that can compensate for flavour loss when reducing sodium, sugar, and fat in foods is increasing. Consumers are looking for healthier and more natural ingredients, which in turn is prompting a growing number of manufacturers to overhaul recipes. At ITS, the focus is on continuous innovation and product development in order to respond to demand for new, natural, healthy and sustainable products. For manufacturers, there are plenty of good reasons to move to natural flavourings, including health and image, clean labelling and authenticity of taste.

Chocolate is still unsurprisingly the most popular flavour for high protein drinks. Following a project in the first quarter to evaluate various popular brands of chocolate flavoured protein powders in order to understand the market standards, ITS developed a chocolate flavour range that is robust and stands out.

As sports nutrition become more main stream, more and more consumers are looking for products for energy, hydration, recovery and caffeine. Sports nutrition was previously focused on elite athletes and body builders but has now expanded into mass markets. ITS has developed two ranges of masking solutions to allow protein-enhanced products to pass the taste and texture test and succeed in the market. These ranges are MaskEX Sports™ and MouthTEX Sports™. 

In summer, the NPD team developed a range of ready-to-apply and bespoke natural flavour, profile and texture solutions, perfect for use in dairy based products. Solutions can be formulated for sweet dairy applications such as milk drinks, ice cream, yoghurts and puddings or for savoury dairy applications including cheese. These innovative solutions works a treat for anything from reducing formula costs to improving taste by using special top-notes.  

In the meantime, the marketing and NPD team were busy preparing for two exhibitions, Food Matters Live in London and Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt. It was a very hectic two weeks in November but all the hard work paid off as the new ITS exhibition stand proved to be the bee's knees. The visitors enjoyed tasting various product samples and the team made many new contacts and potential new customers.

The team wishes to thank everyone for their support in 2017 and look forward to working closely with customers to innovate and develop new and exciting products. ITS wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!