Biscuit flavours on trend

Biscuit flavours on trend


As consumers get more adventurous, there couldn't be a better time to introduce new flavours into applications for biscuits and cookies. Chocolate is no doubt the most popular flavour but here at ITS (UK natural flavourings supplier), we have tested pairings of flavours such as Speculaas and Orange and Apple and Caramel and found them to be equally delicious.


To make exceptional biscuits, we believe that not only has the texture got to be right but the flavour intensity has to come through to the last bite. These natural flavours have been tried and tested in our test bakery so only the best flavours and pairings that work well together in cookies are suggested here.

We supply only the best quality natural flavours to ensure that the right intensity of flavour is achieved.

Here are some of the flavours and pairings that we recommend:

Chocolate & Raspberry
Peach & Maple
Lemon & Yoghurt
Apple & Caramel
Speculaas & Orange
Salted Liquorice
Green Ginger
Smoked Vanilla

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