Butter and Vanilla prices impacting your costs?

Butter and Vanilla prices impacting your costs?

ITS has seen rising demand lately for cost-effective natural flavourings as commodity prices rocket. Butter and vanilla, two ingredients for which prices have soared by over 20% is resulting is higher costs for manufacturers of bakery products.

Rising demand and a decline in milk production have caused butter prices to double this year in Europe. Using ITS’ Natural Butter flavouring allows bakery and processed food firms to reduce the amount of butter required in a recipe, rebuilding mouthfeel, body and taste as butter levels are reduced.

ITS’ wide range of brown, cream and butter flavourings work in different product applications such as cakes, sponges, pastries and shortbread.

Using Natural Butter flavouring is also an optimal solution for reducing the amount of fat in baked goods- in line with healthy eating trends.

Vanilla is a very popular flavouring as it can increase the indulgent nature of a product while reducing the amount of sugar used, due to its natural sweet notes.

It has a complex flavour composition with profiles such as anise, caramel, smoky, woody, creamy, floral notes and fruitiness and other nuances.

However, the price of vanilla bean has also soared to a record high due to global shortage. This shortage has led to manufacturers looking for alternatives such as Natural Vanilla flavourings to suit the different product applications and flavour notes.

ITS’ range of flavourings, including butter and vanilla, allow manufacturers to launch cost-effective and lighter versions of their best sellers without compromising on taste or texture.