Team ITS are ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Team ITS are ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

The Olympics are almost here! Rio will become even more colourful this August. The whole world is expecting this event with great anticipation and the consumers’ palates are already hungry for some Brazilian and South-American Flavours.

ITS’s team is ready for it. Our team has prepared a special “Rio flavours range” that includes savoury seasonings for breads or snacks, as well as natural tropical flavours for icings, dairy or desserts. ITS’s comprehensive Rio range even includes some exotic cocktail flavours that can be added to any product.

Afro-Brazilian Xin-Xim, Red Pepper Carnival Salsa, and Copacabana BBQ are the savoury seasonings that make up this range, alongside some flavours from Cuba and Peru such as Chilli with Lime and Habanero Chilli .

These mixtures of spices can be applied to any kind of baked product, from breads or buns to snacks. Xin Xim bread thins, lime & chilli scones, and Copacabana bread rolls are just some examples of finished products which have been enhanced with our seasonings . We can also work on any product our customers suggest.

Natural Tropical Flavours

ITS’s range of natural tropical flavourings are a perfect solution for any product that could use that exotic fruity, fresh touch. Pineapple, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Mango and Lime are examples available both in powder and liquid form.

These flavours works well with any product. Passion Fruit sports drink, Coconut flapjacks, Mango icing or Banana muffins are just some examples.

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Cocktail Flavours

ITS’s exciting range of Natural Cocktail Flavourings mimic the taste and aroma of some popular party drinks, but without the alcohol!

Flavours in this range include Mojito, Pina Colada, Woo Woo, Rum and many others. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of bakery products such as cupcakes, icings, cookies, scones and also some snacks, dairy, flapjacks or cereals.

From coconut cupcakes with Pina Colada to luscious summer berry flapjacks with Woo Woo infused fruit, we have the perfect selection of cocktail flavours to give your products that extra ‘oomph’.

Feel free to contact our team at or call us on 01635817416 if you would like to find out more about this range.

For a full list click here.