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Churn out perfection in dairy!

Churn out perfection in dairy!

Create delicious and indulgent dairy based products using great tasting Natural Flavourings and Innovative Texture Systems.

Interest in dairy products with high protein claims continue to grow as the protein trend moves mainstream. The protein NPD boom is not showing any signs of slowing down as manufacturers continue to be innovative in flavour development and nutrition content. New flavour trends in dairy include floral flavours such as elderflower, alcohol flavour combinations such as lemon and gin as well as vegetable combinations such as cucumber and mint.

ITS offers a range of ready-to-apply and bespoke dairy flavour profiles, sugar reduction and texture solutions to help churn out perfect dairy based products. Our natural flavourings and texture solutions also work in dairy free and dairy alternative products. For more information  please click here or contact

Remember it's all in the taste!