Discover ITS's summer flavours

Discover ITS's summer flavours

Summer is nearly here believe it or not. Discover the latest flavour trends for summer with tropical flavours, floral flavours and even cocktail flavours which are gaining in popularity especially with Rio Olympics coming up soon.

Try interesting pairings in flavours such as Pomegranate and Cranberry, Watermelon and Peach or even Yuzu with Ginger Blossom for new twists in your products.

Tropical and Citrus Flavours

Tropical flavours such as pineapple and mango have always remained popular throughout the year but with the summer Rio Olympics coming up soon, we expect to see more of these flavours in products such as dairy and desserts and even cupcakes. We have an array of citrus flavours such as Sicilian lemon, Lime and Passionfruit including interesting new citrus flavours such as Yuzu.
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Floral Flavours

Floral flavours can give a distinct yet subtle, perfumed flavour in bakery products and is suitable for a variety of applications such as sponge cakes, cookies and icings. They can also be used in combination with other flavours to create tastes from subtle to ‘stand out’. For example, pairing Lavender with Vanilla in a shortbread cookie creates a rich, buttery vanilla profile with a hint of floral.
Please contact us if you have a requirement for any other specific flavours.

Cocktail Flavours

Flavours in this range include Pina Colada, Bucks Fizz, Woo Woo, Mojito, Rum and many others. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of bakery products as well as dairy product. Applications include cupcakes, icings, cookies, scones, dairy products and desserts.
From coconut cupcakes with Pina Colada to luscious desserts such as summer berry pudding laced with Woo Woo cocktail flavour, we have the right selection of cocktail flavours to give your products that extra ‘oomph’.