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Easter Breads and Ideas

Easter Breads and Ideas

Need some new inspiration for hot cross buns and other Easter breads?

There is no doubt that the traditional Hot Cross Buns will remain a popular fare for Easter but the appeal of non-traditional hot cross buns flavoured with dark, milk and white chocolate is on the rise. At ITS, we work closely with customers to help develop a close match to their requirements.

In line with the increase in demand for Ethnic breads and Holiday breads, which are now eaten all year round, we also offer popular European spices such as Italian Pannetone, German Lebkuchen, Armenian Choreg and Dutch Speculaas, now eaten all year round.

Here are some popular Easter flavours;

  • Traditional bespoke Bun Spice combinations
  • Bun spice & Cinnamon flavoured sultanas
  • Marmalade flavour and Lime & Orange flavoured sultanas
  • Yogurt flavour & Red Berry flavoured dried cranberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate 
  • Pannetone
  • Speculaas spice and Speculaas flavoured sultanas

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