Enhance your Breads and Snacks with ITS’ Seasonings

Enhance your Breads and Snacks with ITS’ Seasonings

Health and wellness is a key trend factor for breads, snacks and other savoury products these days, as consumers are becoming more aware of the need for healthier lifestyle. The use of salt is undergoing a paradigm shift not only due to consumer trend but also due to government legislation with the new stricter targets set by the FSA. This includes a 10% reduction to an average 0.96g salt per 100g in bread and rolls.

While health and wellness concerns are important, consumers are not expected to compromise on taste. Consumers today are developing more sophisticated palates as people are travelling more and are looking for exotic flavours, and even fusion flavours where two or more flavours are combined to create something unique.

With the growth in speciality artisan breads, increasing use of wholefoods and the demand for hybrid savoury snacks, there is an opportunity to improve on the flavour and taste by using seasonings.

The range of seasonings offered by ITS have been carefully selected to represent the more popular seasonings and spice combinations, however we are always expanding our range to include new global and local flavours.

All of our seasonings have been tried and tested in a variety of applications including breads and snacks. To ensure our seasonings are perfect for your application, our team of experts will work closely with you during your product development stage and help all the way through to completion.

Why use ITS Seasonings?

  • ITS only uses the finest quality ingredients to make these seasonings and to deliver on taste and freshness.
  • Competitive pricing and excellent order lead times.
  • ITS offers a range of gluten free seasonings – please ask for more details.

ITS also offers bespoke seasonings available upon request.

For more information or to request a sample, please contact ITS on 01635 817416 or email sales@itstaste.com