Flavours of Autumn 2018

Flavours of Autumn 2018

As autumn approaches with that distinct chill in the air, the team at ITS have been coming up with ideas for flavours, seasonings and new twists that capture the spirit of the season.

Get ready to add sweetness, smokiness and mellowness to your creations as we feature trendy flavours this season besides old favourites such as spiced pumpkin and apple spice.

Take time to explore some of the quintessential tastes of autumn we have to offer. Remember that we have a huge range and bespoke combinations can be developed to suit your application.

Natural flavourings - available in both liquid or powder form

Smoked Apple
Smoked caramel
Pumpkin spice
Caramel Pumpkin spice
Smoked maple & hazelnut
Vanilla almond
Mulled Apple
Toffee Biscuit
Dark chocolate cinnamon

Natural flavoured dried fruits are perfect in baked goods and also in snack packs. We have a wide range but here are a few ideas:

Sweet pink apple raisins
Caramel sultanas
Maple midgets

Try our seasonings range in bread, rolls or scones:

Mulled apple seasoning
Smokey firepit seasoning

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