Gluten-free: Adding flavour and depth with seasonings

Gluten-free: Adding flavour and depth with seasonings

The market for gluten-free baked goods and snack is growing every day and is now estimated to be worth over £175m, a growth of over 25% over the past 2 years. Despite challenges in formulating and processing, many bakers are jumping on the bandwagon to make the most of consumer demand.

Innovation in this market continues as bakers strive to distinguish their gluten-free offerings from the increasing competition. There is still plenty of room for growth as formulators focus on nutrition, texture, flavour and variety for the gluten-free consumer.

Consumers are also increasingly seeking gluten-free food for healthier diets as opposed to medical need as they perceive gluten free foods to be generally healthier or less calorific.

The main goal is to create a cost effective gluten-free product that has great taste and texture. However there is always a desire to deliver the same eating experience as the non-gluten free counterpart.

Using seasonings in baked products and snacks help to enhance flavour and adds depth. To this end, ITS is pleased to offer a range of gluten-free seasonings which have been tried and tested in a variety of applications including breads and snacks. Please visit Gluten-free seasonings