ITS declares a sweet revolution!

ITS declares a sweet revolution!

International Taste Solutions (ITS) has launched a radical natural solution which declares war on sugar and artificial sweeteners: SweetLITE™ Super. 

Government pressure and consumer negativity towards sugar and artificial sweeteners have put pressure on manufacturers to find ways to make sweet products appealing and palatable, but with a much lower sugar content.

Artificial sweeteners have been used in part to substitute white sugar. However, these are seen in a negative light by consumers, leading to a need for new thinking on sugar reduction.

ITS’s extensive research and development has led to the launch of SweetLITE™ Super. This solution can be declared as natural flavouring in product formulations, but its sweetness enhancing effect is significantly more powerful than white sugar.

SweetLITE™ Super solution acts as a natural sweetness booster in dairy, active lifestyle (sports nutrition) and snack products. Significant sugar content can be removed with no detrimental effect on flavour or function. In some applications, up to 50% sugar reduction have been achieved.

Mike Bagshaw, ITS Managing Director and Founder comments: “This is one of the most innovative solutions in the history of ITS, helping anyone in the industry meet sugar reduction targets while enhancing flavour; “SweetLITE™ Super” indirectly helps consumers achieve a healthier diet too, which sits with ITS’s purpose to make healthier foods taste better.” Mike also added, "we are confident that it will also work in beverage, confectionery and other food or drink applications."

The SweetLITE™ family of products also includes “SweetLITE™ Boost”, which has been developed to assist with sugar reduction in bakery, dairy, snacks and active lifestyle products. To read more about this range please click here