ITS supports the Odisha Challenge

ITS supports the Odisha Challenge

ITS is one of the official supporters of the Odisha Challenge. This challenge is promoted together with Food ingredients Global, which has been organised within the Health Ingredients Europe Exhibition, where ITS will be participating next 27-19th November.

This challenge belongs to The Hunger Project, which is working to break the cycle of poverty by supporting leaders and investing in female leadership.

The aim of the project in Odisha,  India, is to empower women to become leaders in their villages. By providing education and coaching, these women can become champions for a better village.

One female leader with the right support can achieve so much, from setting up schools and clinics and creating jobs, to bringing electricity to houses and building new roads, bridges and community buildings.

ITS is proud to support this ethical challenge and to help Indian women  improve their lives and their communities.