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Hot Cross Buns - new flavours!

Hot Cross Buns - new flavours!

It's time for Easter Holidays and what can be more traditional than indulging in chocolate and or course Hot Cross Buns!

Although hot cross buns are traditionally eaten around Good Friday and Easter, these delicious buns are now available in supermarkets all year round. Major supermarkets now produce variations on the traditional recipe such as Toffee, Orange-Cranberry and Apple-Cinnamon.

To cater to the evolving taste and trends in flavours, ITS have been developing new and exciting twists using our seasonings and natural flavourings. Coconut and Caramel, Maple and Honeycomb and Ginger and Honey are just a few of the many exciting flavour combinations that have been tried and tested in our test bakery.

Our expert panel have also been busy trying out some popular supermarket premium brands of Hot Cross Buns and have some interesting reviews.

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