New sugar reducing solutions in bakery

New sugar reducing solutions in bakery

ITS Revolutionising sugar reducing solutions in bakery

International Taste Solutions (ITS) are once again breaking new ground in the food industry by introducing solutions to dramatically reduce sugar levels in baked foods. The new sugar reducing solutions will help all your favourite foods such as bagels, cakes, and breads keep their same delicious taste, but now be even better for you.

Up to 50% less added sugar in baked foods

The new solution from ITS will allow baked foods to maintain their texture, sweetness and flavour with up to 50% less added sugar. This is an important step for the bakery industry and has huge potential to be rolled out to food manufacturers who are looking to make their baked products healthier. With consumers increasingly looking for the healthy option, the sugar reduced solution couldn't come at a better time to be released into the bakery market. 

Mike Bagshaw, Owner and Founder of ITS comments: “We are passionate about supporting our customers in meeting the challenges of producing healthier reduced-sugar products. By developing a no compromise approach to sugar reduction we have managed to reduce sugar content by up to 50% with no detrimental effect on flavour or function. This is just the first step in ITS helping the food industry develop healthy products”.
We make foods healthier and tastier 
The new sugar reducing solutions for bakery will join ITS’ portfolio of high quality natural flavourings and the highly popular SweetLITE™ range. ITS’ dedication to making food healthier and tastier ensures they continue to be on the forefront of innovation in the food and drink industry.  
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