ITS unleashes new plant-based flavour solutions

ITS unleashes new plant-based flavour solutions


International Taste Solutions (ITS) have created a fundamental building block for masking proteins in plant-based foods and beverages. By utilising ground-breaking technology, ITS’ plant-based flavourings and maskers have the lowest impact on macronutrients in industry.

ITS maximise the tasty flavours and protein content, whilst removing any off-taste. All of ITS’ flavours come from completely natural sources and are suitable for plant-based and vegan products.

For the past decade, ITS have been working closely with new and exciting plant-based food and beverage start-ups, helping them become household brands and dominate supermarket shelves.

Mike Bagshaw, Owner and Founder of ITS explains “From the beginning we have always been about making food taste great. That’s what we do. We started to see so many plant-based products on market that just didn’t taste very good. Just because something is plant-based, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on taste. That’s where we have been able to work with our customers and consistently demonstrate that plant-based food can taste great.”

With a growing reputation of great tasting natural flavours and news that the plant-based market was set to soar by 327% in 2019, the business decided it needed a dedicated approach. Setting up an innovation team to focus on making great tasting natural plant-based flavours ensures the business is able to work with a wide range of sectors. ITS have expertise in working with bakery, dairy, sports nutrition and just about any business that needs help making great tasting plant-based products.

The ITS team are able to rapidly develop new flavours with its on-site test bakery, innovation kitchen and newly built pilot plant. This helps ITS work closely with its customers on-site to achieve the best tasting results.

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