Make your protein products taste delicious!

Make your protein products taste delicious!

As the sports nutrition market becomes more mainstream, companies are now targeting healthy and active lifestyle consumers. According to the market trends, consumers look for natural ingredients, as well as for protein loaded products, both coming from whey and from vegan sources.

ITS has developed a range of masking solutions to allow protein-enhanced products to pass the taste and texture test and succeed in the market: the MouthEX Sports range.

The MaskEX Sports™ range has been designed to help mask bitterness, or other off-notes associated with protein, making it more palatable or helping to neutralize the base to add other flavours to it.

The range is available in two formats: the first one is ideal for vegan protein-based products, and the second one for whey protein-based products.

The MaskEX Sports™ range includes solutions ideal for both vegan protein and whey protein based products. Some of the vegan protein blends it can help with include spirulina, spinach and other similar green powder, where the solution helps masking the metallic notes associated with vegan protein sources.

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