Mike Bagshaw announced as Chairman of British Society of Baking

Mike Bagshaw announced as Chairman of British Society of Baking

The British Society of Baking has announced Mike Bagshaw, owner and MD of ITS as their new Chairman, succeeding Sara Auton who was the Chairman for the past 2 years.

Mike has been an active member of the BSB for many years. He served as Vice Chairman since 2012 and now looks forward to working with the Committee to build a dynamic organisation serving all members and the wider baking industry.

"The British Society of Baking needs to re-position itself. We need more members and people to attend our conferences," said Mike.

"With the popularity of shows like The Great British Bake Off, there has never been a better time to join. Home bakers are keen to bake, but to produce great baking products takes real skill and this is now being recognised as craft," added Mike.

He also called on the BSB to do more work for youngsters in bakery. To encourage this, the organisation has set aside £25,000 fund which it is willing to donate to bakery colleges to support the future generation of bakers.

The British Society of Baking was founded in 1955 as an affiliate of the American Society of Bakery Engineers by a group of leading UK bakers who had attended ASBE conferences. The primary purpose of the British Society of Baking is to provide a forum for learning more about the industry through conferences and associated events, together with networking and the exchange of information and ideas between members.