Mike Bagshaw announced to speak at BSB Conference

Mike Bagshaw announced to speak at BSB Conference


Mike Bagshaw, Owner and Founder of ITS will take to the stage to give an insightful and behind the scenes look at the first 10 years of his roller-coaster journey. A unique opportunity to find out how the business went from his kitchen table to a full scale globally trading business in the space of 10 years.

The 2019 BSB Autumn Conference will be held at the Heythrop Park Hotel & Resort, Enstone, Oxfordshire on Wednesday 16th October, AGM and Conference Dinner, and Thursday 17th October for the Conference Presentations.

Mike will have a no holds barred approach and share his secrets to success. He'll also share what he thinks of the current state of the bakery industry and what will be next to take the market by storm.

Mike is also a passionate supporter of sugar reduction in the food and drink industry. He'll explain how he believes the flavour industry can play a massive role in making food and drink more healthy, but ensuring it doesn't sacrifice on taste.

Our SweetLITE range allows products to maintain texture, sweetness and flavour with up to 50% less added sugar. The SweetLITE range consists largely of products declared as “Natural Flavouring”, used at very low dosage rates to deliver their effect. This range is available as both powder and liquid to help offer our clients flexibility to adapt to their different applications.

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