Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits!

Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits!

Natural flavoured dried fruit is an innovative way to add a healthy and natural ingredient to your products. Dried fruits are versatile and can be used as an ingredient or even enjoyed on its own as snacks .

This nutritious and natural ingredient can be used in various applications, from bakery to cereals, chocolate to confectionery or even in snacks and dairy products.

Prosecco Cranberries, Yuzu Golden Raisins, Cola Raisins, Lime Sultanas are just a few interesting products in the wide range that we offer!

The market is moving towards healthier and more natural, yet indulgent snacks and bakes. More and more consumers are looking for innovative ways to increase the daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

ITS offers an innovative way to enhance flavour and texture in snacks and baked goods using high quality dried fruits which have been flavoured using natural flavouring. Using only the finest ingredients, ITS offers a wide range of Natural Flavoured Dried Fruits such as sultanas, raisins, cranberries, dates and apricots.

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