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Reducing sugar levels

Reducing sugar levels

There is widespread recognition that cutting back on sugar intake is key in promoting healthy eating especially in added sugar.

With the increase in demand for sugar reduction, ITS has developed the perfect solution, aimed at flapjacks, granolas, clusters, cookies and cereal bars and has achieved typically 20-40% sugar reduction with no detrimental effect on flavour or function.

Sugar not only adds flavour, it contributes to texture and mouthfeel, therefore a reduction can often leave a product tasting bland. Most flapjacks will have a high level of sugar and glucose syrup which is key in binding the other ingredients together. In this type of application, the reduction of sugar results in loss of flavour and function, giving it a more crumbly or fragile product.

With this in mind, ITS has developed its 'SweetLITE' range of products, enabling the manufacturers to make significant reductions in sugar content whilst retaining the true characteristics of flapjack, granola, cookies and cereal clusters.

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