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Sports Nutrition Protein Powder - Chocolate Flavours

Sports Nutrition Protein Powder - Chocolate Flavours

As sports nutrition become more main stream, more and more consumers are looking for products for energy, hydration, recovery and caffeine. Sports nutrition was previously focused on elite athletes and body builders but has now expanded into mass markets.

The top global flavour unsurprisingly is chocolate. Sports nutrition drinks have come a long way, and consumers expect these products to not only contain the highest quality natural ingredients and functionality but to also satisfy their taste buds.

Evaluation of popular chocolate flavoured protein powder brands

ITS undertook a project to evaluate various popular brands of chocolate flavoured protein powders in order to understand the market standards and to help develop a chocolate flavour range that is robust and stands out.


The expert panel - 4 expert panellists assessed the products by evaluating the following attributes:

- Aroma

 - Flavour Intensity

 - Flavour Profile

 - Mouthfeel

The final result of the assessment was interesting as different brands had different strengths and weaknesses based on the four attributes evaluated. However, the products evaluated were generally found to be lacking in flavour intensity. For detailed information on the evaluation, please contact us.

As a result of this analysis and customer feedback, ITS has developed some great flavours that can create the right balance for superb taste and outstanding performance ranging from core flavours to customised profiles. The following natural chocolate flavours deliver robust natural flavouring with rich aroma and unbeatable taste.

Chocolate HL

Creamy Chocolate HL

Rich Chocolate HL

Sweet Chocolate HL

Besides chocolate flavours, ITS also offer a range of other popular flavours for flavouring protein powders such as strawberry, banana and vanilla. With increasing demand for variation on the popular flavours, ITS has developed some interesting flavourings to flavour protein powders such as blueberry, raspberry, mango and pineapple. Please contact us for a full list.

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